(( Tough Crowd Part 3

I have no strength left to go on with this

so i knocked him out 8D;; ///punched

Will update with sleepover stuff soon.))

(( Tough Crowd Part 2


What’s even going on right now.))

(( mini-adventure is now titled: “He Keeled Him”

heh heh))

(( And so the mini-adventure of Mizki begins…

//got sidetracked by this;;;; ))

((Fudge it, SeeU and Sakine crash the party))

Make yourselves comfortable~!

((Girls only sleepover!

If you’d like to join the sleepover, please message me with a panel/post of your muse joining in~


Oh, right, that’s Mizki, IA, Yukari, MB, and Chibi Rin in clockwise order. any of them with the exception of Mizki and MB are up for grabs as far as RP goes 8D))

((a random moe collab with all-the-sakines mod.

I can only draw moe faces

sakine mod can only draw non-moe faces

we were fated to collab


((and that’s how it happened. ))

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((“Tough Crowd” Part 1

Heh heh.

Ah, I’m so tired now…

I’ll finish part 2 tomorrow, but for now I’ll post some VY family related doodles.

Thanks for reading!))